ICMIM 2020 | Virtual Conference | August 26-28, 2020


ICMIM 2020 was originally planned to be held in Osaka, Japan. Due to the pandemic impact, the conference was held in conjunction with MMIE 2020 via online platform during August 26-28, 2020. Presentations of ICMIM was arranged in Session II and Session IV. Thank you all for your participation!

Keynote Speech Session in the morning of August 27, 2020 

Best Presentation Winner:
Presenter: Jiayun Pei, Tsinghua University, China
Paper Title: Oxygen Plasma-Induced Property Tuning of Graphene and the Atomic Mechanism
Best Presentation Winner:
Presenter: Eray Arslan, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Paper Title: A Novel Approach for Determination of Hardening Parameters of an Aluminum Alloy under Cyclic Loading with High Amplitudes